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Any digital marketing agency worth its salt can tell you: social media is the most versatile, cheapest, and often most effective form of client outreach to grace a digital strategist’s toolbelt.

Whether an online platform or a regular email subscription, the result is clear: social media offers the greatest business exposure for the least fuss. Social media platforms are uniquely designed to handle high volumes of client traffic globally, and with the right strategies they pose the richest vein of potential client turnaround into which you can tap.

The sheer number of social media users worldwide is enough to make a publicity director salivate. Not only for the potential exposure, but also because word of mouth advertising is free, and social media platforms have their very own version in the form of retweets and shares, that form an exponentially increasing net of views for your site. This is viral brand exposure at its best, and the stronger your exposure, the higher your brand’s claim to legitimacy.

Putting aside the incendiary effect of social media marketing on your brand, having a social media page will give your digital presence the humanizing touch it needs. Not only is social media a large part of clients’ daily lives, but it provides a platform where they can interact with your brand and image directly on a personal level. Gone are the stuffy, often condescending ad-campaigns of the past. In their place is the offer of a closer, more personalised approach to client engagement. Because every person wants to know that the company they’re talking to is taking their individual needs and character into account. And what better way to do it than with a dedicated Twitter or Facebook advertising agency?

Not only will a professional social media manager know exactly when and how to engage with your followers, but will have researched strategies to target the followers you really need to improve on your brand recognition. With a targeted and above-all regular posting schedule, your business will rise above your competitors in the eyes of the online community as an authority within your field. There are so many reasons, whether financial, marketing, or client relations-related, that it would make no sense not to have this versatile tool in your hand.

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