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Love them or hate them, smartphones are now a major factor in the realm of digital business, and the field of web design is changing to match.

Without doubt, mobile phones (and similarly tablets) are seeing increasing popularity in place of a standard computer or lap-top, as the number one device used for internet searches. Apps are replacing the good old ‘executable program’, and website formats are changing to suit a more portable device. So what does that mean for your business?

These days, it is no longer enough to just have a standard website. With the change in format comes a new specialization in ecommerce website design: Responsive Design. Without getting too technical, responsive design is specifically geared at creating flexible, proportion-based grids that make internet browsing on a smartphone or tablet that much more attractive to the average user. With the help of flexible graphics, and grid-like structures, a website is no longer squashed to the parameters of a much smaller device, but is designed to show articles, graphics and other content in a size and arrangement that suits a mobile device’s limitations.

Why is this important? Well, research has shown that responsive design is one of the major ranking factors in mobile device search results. These days, it’s not enough to increase your standard search ranking for PC-users alone; for the most part, because search parameters and algorithms for mobile devices differ from their larger digital brethren. Google – arguably the most popular search engine company – have stated outright that responsive design is their preferred design configuration, which means that a website based on responsive design parameters is almost certainly given preference over other forms.

But this doesn’t have to be bad news for you, top website design companies are continuously evolving to incorporate the latest design trends into their service structure, creating responsively designed websites as standard practice. With SEO practice changing each year, you want to hire a web design company that keeps on top of changing trends.

Don’t let your digital presence suffer through out-dated design practices. Hire a professional to spruce up your site design to meet the rising demand of mobile device users and mobile search algorithms. Search rankings are a vital part of your online premises and you need to make sure that you are visible across all devices.

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