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So, you’ve got your business on the front page of Google, but is it on the front page in the global region that matters most: your own local region?

Or is it appearing to potential clients who are less likely to view your page, simply because you’re in the wrong country? Similarly: Have you ever noticed a business in passing and wanted to find out more about them, but when you search their website is not readily available? Chances are high that they do have a website, but simply didn’t invest in a Local SEO specialist.

Internet users are in a constant state of flux, whether changing the words they use to search, their surfing habits, or even the device on which they search. Today it is more likely that an internet surfer is using a mobile device, and it is infinitely more likely that – when searching for services or products – they are looking for a local company to provide them. Local SEO is the next logical step in the evolution of your marketing strategy.

Whether you’re using radio spots, magazine spreads, and straightforward flyers, you are constantly budgeting to reach your local clientele. Your online strategy should not be any different. When looking at the numbers alone, it has been demonstrated that the vast majority of searches are aimed at local businesses, resulting in a higher number of calls and walk-ins.

Local SEO is the number one performer in search-to-client turnaround and outperforms all other local advertising formats by a wide margin. It is also your most important tool as, not only does it offer the greatest return for the least risk, but provides the clients who are statistically most likely to choose your brand over others both because you are in their area, and because your digital presence appears legitimate.

And it’s not just about your brand’s visibility on search engines, either. The best local SEO company can tell you that your SEO performance can only get you so far. Placing your business in local directory listings is the next step. Because clients are significantly more likely to trust the brand that appears in local listings, and the front page of their searches.

So if you’re still asking yourself why Local SEO is important, consider which business you’re more likely to frequent: the one that you can’t see at all and whose existence you are completely unaware of? The one that you can see, but which is going to charge the wrong currency for products you can’t examine up close? Or are you going to go for the one down the road, whose doors are open to display exactly the product you need right at the front of the shop?

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