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For general contractor roofing specialists, a website is the next step to bringing in more clients.

So you’re a bathroom renovation contractor, with a decent track-record of satisfied clients; or you’re kitchen remodelling contractors with unique concepts that make your clients ecstatic? Maybe you’re a roofing contractor with a great work ethic, or a general building contracting company who employs any or all of these specialists? That’s fantastic! But without an amazing website to mirror your company’s excellent work, how on earth are you going to convince more clients to call you in? Do you really need a website, when your name and the power of word-of-mouth should be enough?

It might seem like a trivial expense, but in the Information Age, a website is the first stop for a huge number of potential clients. Regardless of where they may have heard of you first – whether a recommendation from family or friends, or a listing in the local phone book – the next stop for every client is without fail: the website.

Why? Because clients are no longer happy to go on word of mouth alone. They want to investigate, to learn more about your services and see some of your work, before they make the decision to hire you. And can you really blame them? When you’re finding a contractor to build your home, you want to make sure that they are a legitimate business with excellent experience and track-record. No-one wants a backyard builder creating a half-baked nightmare, instead of a home – let alone pay for one.

A well-structured and aesthetically pleasing website is the answer to all of their needs (and all of yours too). First and foremost, because when you have a site designed specifically for you, you can include such useful features as interactive portfolios to showcase your best work, and informative articles on the latest trends in building design, and maintenance. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that a striking website with carefully selected graphics and other aesthetics will give your professional face legitimacy in the eyes of the online community.

Letting a professional web developer create a brand and digital presence that perfectly reflects your company’s character is possibly the most savvy use of marketing budget out there. Because, when all is said and done: you want your business to shine above and beyond your competition. What better way, than with a customized digital ‘house’?

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